L is for Leroy.
L is for Leroy.

So, this morning’s blog finds me with the grandfather clock of “tic-tic-tic” fame out of the cellar and hanging on to my shoulder like a handsy lover. Doubt, the messy mongrel that was last seen on my rug, is now sitting on the couch, happy as a clam. I call him Leroy, he calls me “dear.”

All in all, good times in Chloe Stowe’s world (that’s sarcasm). Want to stop by for a scone?

Ticker to Madness update (as if you couldn’t tell that the crazy level in this joint is already through the roof) is at a very nice and workable…

5,854 words

The way I figure it, I’ll add another 1 to 1 ½ k today to the lot. That will leave me plenty of room to prune these scrubby rose bush down into a winner (or at least not an embarrassment).

To-do list for today, then…

                1.) Actually write the ending I’ve been carrying around in my head for a week.

                2.) Flesh John Doe out so the readers can really sink their teeth into where he’s coming from.

                3.) Find John Doe a name. Duh.

                4.) Make sure the romance of the story outweighs the atmosphere I’ve worked so hard on.

                5.) Start the fact-checking so all I have to do tomorrow is clean up the grammar and come up with a title.

Well now, isn’t that simple. I’d even call it a breeze. Maybe Leroy can take the last half of the list while the clock whispering insistent nothings in my ear can work on the first half? Definitely sounds like a plan.

We’ve all just got to remember that we have only 2 days left of this particular madness. By tomorrow night this professional challenge will be over and I will be safely tucked into the restraints on my bed.

Evening update as always.

Until then…

Chloe, Leroy and the Clock with a hard-on

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