Sizzle, Sizzle, Pop!

Literary Hot Spot Ahead!
Literary Hot Spot Ahead!

Chloe Stowe is buzzing with electricity tonight, folks! Romance has been sizzling through these fingertips all afternoon. I’m rocking! I’m rolling!… And I’m starting to mix metaphors, so let’s move on.

First, and foremost, proof of my literary sizzle and pop. The Ticker to Madness as of 6:30pm on the night before the short story deadline stands proudly at…

                                                                   7,160 words!!

I told you I was on fire! And what’s most impressive is that I’ve actually written stuff I like. You know the kind of writing where you read back over it and actually say to your dog, “Wow! That’s really good”? Well, I’ve had that in spades today. Don’t know why. Don’t care. At this point I just need those sweet, savory juices to keep on flowing.

Of course, this being me, there are some negatives, for the sake of total disclosure, I need to point out. Let’s revisit my To-Do List from this morning and that should clear things up on the negative front.

                1.) Actually write the ending I’ve been carrying around in my head for a week… …Haven’t even started. Next.

                2.) Flesh John Doe out so the readers can really sink their teeth into where he’s coming from…. …Actually done and done. There’s so much flesh on those bones it’s scandalous.

                3.) Find John Doe a name. Duh… …While no final decision has been made as of yet, there is a frontrunner. So that’s progress, right?

                4.) Make sure the romance of the story outweighs the atmosphere I’ve worked so hard on… …Working on that as we speak. By the time I go to bed, Disney will be wanting it. lol

                5.) Start the fact-checking so all I have to do tomorrow is clean up the grammar and come up with a title…. …Yeah, well, complete failure there.

So, there you have it. The negatives are definitely there. I see them. I really do, but…

I’m pumped! I’m sorry but I’m actually really liking this story now. I had a near meltdown with John Doe earlier today. Him and I just weren’t clicking on any level. After a little yelling and screaming though, we hashed things out and we’re good. In fact, we’re better than good, Mr. Doe and I are great!

Now, does this mean I’ll actually get the still untitled story done for submission by tomorrow night?


I’m giving myself a 70 percent chance of getting it done to my wickedly high expectations. Yesterday at this time we were hovering right around 50. So, definite improvement, yeah?

Leroy, my personal creature of Doubt, is snuggled at the end of my couch right now. He’s had a good dinner so hopefully he won’t bother me much more tonight. The clock, on the other hand, is breathing down the back of my neck. Sure it’s unpleasant but as long as he doesn’t get too cheeky back there, we’ll all make it through til dawn.

Until then…


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