A Rainbow in the Fed’s Pocket… Who knew?

RainbowTonight, we celebrate!

No, it has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with the publishing business. It doesn’t even have anything to do with the Sochi Olympics (my newly found criticizing passion, lol). This is WAY bigger.

The U.S. Government announced today that it will recognize same-sex marriages as equal to traditional marriages in all things federal (such as in the courts, in survivor benefits, even in bankruptcy and prison visits)! This equality will apply even in states that do not themselves recognize same-sex marriages as legal.

Freaking wow, right?!

This is a huge stepping stone for the LGBT community. I congratulate them and I congratulate the U.S. government which actually got something right for a change. Well done, Washington!

All the details can be found here… http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/08/politics/holder-same-sex-marriage-rights/index.html?hpt=hp_t1

Now, back to my little world of writing and worrying. *grins*

Another 500 words have been tacked on to novel one of the “Lion & Steed” series. It’s going really well and I’m really adoring my two main characters. Most of the time, I find myself favoring one guy way over the other. This time, however, either man would easily and completely steal my heart. (That’s a good thing, I figure, since I’ve got another two novels to spend with the guys after this one.)

As promised, I have worked out my self-imposed deadlines for the Carina Press >15k short story I’m challenging myself to write next. Here are the dates:

-by Tuesday, February 11: Have a moderately detailed outline done (general idea of scenes and how they will fit together).

-by Friday, February 21: Have the final outline done, spit and polished (all scenes laid out, with any potential connecting work also noted).

-by Tuesday, March 4: Have reached the 15k word count mark.

-by midnight on Saturday, March 8: Send the finished story to Carina Press

I think these are all reasonable dates, especially considering my “Lion & Steed” novel is due March 15. Also, by submitting the story to Carina Press so early in March if they reject the story I will still have time to submit it to Dreamspinner Press’ “Hot off the Press” anthology by July 1.

Whoa. Don’t I sound totally professional? If only, I’d be looking at filing income tax this year (that’s my big goal, by the way. Make enough income writing to file income tax for, I think, nine years so I can pull Social Security if/when I go completely nuts one day. Chloe Stowe aims high, folks.)

Until tomorrow, when who knows what I’ll throw at you…


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