Silver Linings of a Slightly Mad Woman

A morning blog of all things good.
A morning blog of all things good.

It’s Sunday morning, in case some were not aware (hey, Saturday nights can leave a stain on the following day, lol). I think we should take a breather from all things not good. Just a momentary one, the length of a single blog, perhaps. What do you say?

So, all things good. I believe a list is called for, a tallying up of all the positive bits that might otherwise go ignored or unseen altogether. Pardon me, if this list is Chloe-centric. I am Chloe, after all, and my world is quite small. Please excuse any apparent “trivialities,” for what is commonplace in your world may not be in the life of the mentally ill.

We begin!

1.) The sun is mostly shining and the day promises to be warm. The suffocating specter of a gray, frigid Sunday will not lurk outside my windows, waiting to pounce and strangle and drag me deep down into a thick, spiraling depression. No, today my blinds will all be open and I will smile.

2.)  My Chloe Review for the movie “Yellowbrickroad” a few days ago sparked enough interest on Twitter that one of the movie’s stars, Clark Freeman ( ), actually took time to reply to it. The always present fangirl in me will be living off that for, well, forever. *grins*

3.) I’ve quadrupled the number of visits my website ( gets since I’ve started blogging twice a day. For an author struggling mightily to get her name out there in the teeming masses of potential readers this amount of improvement is a much needed vote of encouragement. The fact that I go around my house whispering “Wow!” all the time should also be mentioned here.

4.) Dreamspinner Press has not rejected “Ravenscar” yet. Another day in which hope can bubble forth and giggle.

5.) I don’t have to go grocery shopping today. Publix was a disaster yesterday; although I survived it sanity intact, it was by no means fun. No bread aisle for this crazy gal today!

6.) Catchers and pitchers are beginning to report to baseball’s spring training. Spring is coming! Spring is coming! Go Rays! Go Cubs!

7.) I have not gone completely crazy yet.

8.) I have not gone completely crazy yet.

9.) I have not gone completely crazy yet.

10.) Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

Until tonight, my friends…


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