Putin in the House & Gay Romance Update

stockvault-usa-grunge-flag134029stockvault-russia-grunge-flag134365As the U.S. and Russian hockey teams battle on Olympic ice this morning, my lingering headache and I greet you. The fiery poker has been replaced by a brass-knuckled fist to the eye but other than that I’m fine and dandy. Hope you are the same (without the broken occipital bone that is, lol).

Now that the construction dust has settled at my house for the time being, I can return all my attention back to my writing.

Surprisingly, I haven’t gotten too far behind on my novel for the “Lion & Steed” series for Ravenous Romance. With exactly one month to go until it’s due, I’m only 5k under the bare minimum word count. Excellent! I’ve still got so many little scenes to write to connect all the big scenes, not to mention all the filling out of dialogue (adding the he said, he smiled, etc.), my main concern will be not making the finished book too long. What a lovely dilemma that is for a writer, I must say. *grins quite happily*

When we move our attention to the “Sicily” short story for Carina Press, well, the progress on that did take a nasty hit. The last two days, I’ve gotten basically zero work done on it, which, of course, puts me behind my self-imposed schedule (deadline for completion I’ve set at March 8). If I don’t get considerable wordage done on it today, I’ll get truly concerned. But I refuse to shift the deadlines until there is no choice. I’m basically a stubborn ass, if you hadn’t picked up on that yet.

Less than a week (2/20) until contracts are supposed to be sent out by Dreamspinner Press for their “Mended” anthology. I’ve heard nothing on “Ravenscar” (my short story submission) which is not surprising but still terribly nerve-wracking. At this point, I’m almost dreading getting the word. I really, really want this, but I don’t think the world-at-large gives a shit about that, lol. I’ll survive either way it goes, but… I really, REALLY want this.

Time for a quick OCD check. I’m keeping a rather even keel on checking my business email. If I’m online, once every 3-5 minutes is holding as the norm (a pitiful, embarrassing norm but a norm, nonetheless). Checking the visitor count to my website and blogs is wavering from just bothersome to a little bad. Again, as long as I’m not online, I don’t have a problem. The fact that I worry continuously about whether I’m just wasting my time doing these blogs, feeling foolish at even trying to pull off successfully two fresh blogs a day, we won’t mention, ok?

Well, the U.S. is now losing the hockey game to Russia 1-0 in the second period. I’m one of those hockey fans who only really watch the sport during the playoffs and the Olympics. I admit that’s pretty sorry but I do enjoy a good game on the ice, especially when the announcers are good (yeah, yeah, I know, not a true hockey fan, then).

Putin is at the game. Can you imagine the security? I don’t think I want to…

U.S. just scored!! The game is tied! (Putin, I’m sure, is not happy with the stupid penalty the Russian player committed that gave U.S. the power play they scored on… Yeah, I don’t think I want to think about that either.)

Until this evening…


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