Mule Tales

donkey-05At times I felt decidedly like a mule today…

A beast of burden dragging the writing plow through untended fields.

Thankfully, neither the smell nor the flies accompanied the feeling.

Work was long, hard and slow this Monday, and tedious to the point I nearly screamed (or “hee-hawed,” I guess I should say.)

Nevertheless, I got a fair amount of words turned over and ready for Ravenous Romance, so the publishing house won’t be going hungry this spring. (Yes, the analogy continues. “Turn tail and flee” time, folks.)

I had to do a fair amount of fresh writing today to fill in the few holes I’d left myself. Surprisingly, I think I only have two more scenes to write completely, possibly three depending on when I exactly want to end the story.

Not bad for me, who usually has at least a half-dozen acres left to plow at this point in the season. (Hee-hee. Think I can drag it all the way through? Let’s see.)

Again, I find myself having to apologize for the length of this second post. I’ll rue the donkey-stuff later when I have more than a couple of plum tired brain cells left to drag my ass on home. (*winks* Knew I could do it!)

Until tomorrow…


P.S. While I’m well aware that mules and donkeys are different beasts, I decided not to give a “hee-haw” today.

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