Entering Suburbia Now…

Feeling kinda like this.
Feeling kinda like this.

A little different flavor to the morning, my friends.

Instead of a classic movie helping us greet the new, albeit foggy, day, “Total Recall” is filling my screen. And, no, it’s not even the original Arnold version. We’re talking Colin Farrell remake. If you haven’t caught this movie yet, it’s not as bad as it could have been.

Colin Farrell, as always, is hot to watch.

The plot is a little convoluted but interesting.

The special effects are wild but at times too much (I always like a touch of something I actually recognize to play against special effects. The world created here is so completely computer generated it lacks that connection. Special Effects overload, I’m afraid.)

But it’s Kate Beckinsale who steals the show. She does manipulative, physical villainy very well…

And why I’ve just given you a Chloe Review of the “Total Recall” remake I haven’t got a clue. *lol* At least, I’ve dropped the donkeys and the hee-hawing from last night’s post. Let’s keep that positive upfront, ok?

Could I possibly be putting off work or even though of Writhe?

Of course.

I am approaching the outer suburbs of panic this morning. No particular reason. Things are going fine, on schedule, the book is turning out damn well, but I am Chloe Stowe. Panic, in all its devious little guises, is my middle name.

So, I’ll try to deal as best I can with this mentally cracked crap, if you promise to keep popping by. Deal?

Madness may not need an audience, but the mad often appreciate the company.

Until tonight…


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