A Rare Smattering of Good Judgment

LawI’m feeling good this afternoon, folks, so forgive me if I babble.

First up, may I send a whoop and a holler up for CBS’s renewal of one of my most favorite shows: Hawaii Five-O!!! (Scott Caan is simply brilliant, not to mention a ton gorgeous.) Congrats H5-O guys for beating the dreaded Friday night rap! Can’t wait for Season 5.

Second, I’d like to take a moment to applaud CNN for their extensive coverage of the Malaysian Air tragedy. While some people may be complaining that the network has spent too many “Breaking News” hours covering miniscule developments that turn out to mean nothing, I appreciate being able to hear about it. The loss of a family member is something we all have had or will have to go through. There are a lot of souls out there lost right now, and not all of them are missing. It’s a story that needs to be told.

Third, I got some incredibly fine work done on Writhe today. My men are surprising me. I thought I had them all figured out, but I didn’t. Their love story is taking me places I hadn’t planned on going. It’s amazingly fun and touching. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Finally, a sweet, brilliant boy I knew in grade school was killed four years ago by his wife. For the last week, she has been on trial for his murder. This afternoon, she was found guilty. The relief I feel is unspeakable. I mention it here last because I didn’t know if I should mention it at all. I hope I chose wisely.

Until tomorrow…


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