Being Pooh

tree-bewickI’m suddenly feeling like Pooh Bear dropped in a forest of Honey Pots.

Every direction I look there are scrumptious unfinished projects (these, of course, would be my Honey Pots) waiting to be licked clean.

Just to the left of my stuffed little feet, I spy a jar of Tupelo Honey.

To the right, sitting next to Piglet, I see a pot of Orange Blossom Honey.

If I stretch and really lean, over my plushly plump shoulder, a bowl of Clover Honey awaits me.

And finally, wedged into Owl’s tree right above me and my stuffing, is an Alfalfa Honey pot.

Oh, what a glorious day it is to be me.


Yes, as you may have guessed from our unexpected trip to the Hundred Acre Wood, I’m feeling good.

With Writhe done, the whole world is popping up honey pots.

-That jar of Tupelo Honey is Book Two of the “Lion & Steed” series. Not due for months and months, and already outlined out, I really don’t need to dive into its promised treat but who am I to resist?

-The pot of Orange Blossom Honey is my short story “Sicily.” I’m already drooling over its potential sweetness. Roughly outlined out but with its characters already named and ready for action, I’m aiming this 15K at Carina Press (the Harlequin digital imprint). You know me. I’m always up for a probably out of reach challenge, but with that Orange Blossom Honey pot sitting so close…

-Clover Honey fills the third jar. Floating around in its gooey goodness is a straight out mystery, a la Columbo. With its main plot already put into detail and its characters already fleshy and named all that’s left is to crawl into the jar and start working at shoveling its delicacies in.

-Finally, the Alfalfa Honey Pot holds the f/m romantic adventure/thriller I’m writing under my other pen name, Cora Douglas Sands. With over 40K of it written and it detailed out to every single scene, I’ve only got another 20K to go before I call that jar cleaned. Entitled The Sun and the Sand Cat, this mainstream romance novel I’m hoping to send out to literary agents. After all, every Pooh Bear needs his Piglet, or so I’ve been told.

So, what will I choose?

Only time and, perhaps, Christopher Robin will tell.


Until tomorrow…


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