Politics of the Blurb

Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell

Attention: Your daily Taste of Writhe has been delayed until the Saturday evening post (no, not the magazine with Normal Rockwell providing color, just this little blog).


See Frank.

My specter of imminent failure sitting on the end of the couch could use a little something new to sink his teeth into. Gnawing at my ass lost its “je ne sais quoi” weeks ago.

I actually do have real publishing news to share with you this morning. No, it’s not about Writhe. It’s actually about our short story “Ravenscar” which you all were so instrumental in helping me write earlier this year.

If you remember Dreamspinner Press, who will be publishing the story in June. have their own blurb experts write the sell copy/ back cover teaser for you. There’s a detailed form the author fills out but they do all the dreaded blurb work for you.

Late last night, I got the first draft of the “Ravenscar” blurb.

My opinion of it? “Wow. I want to read that story!” (and since I wrote the story I guess that’s really saying something *lol*). A superb teasing job all around.

My only difficulty with it is that it reveals almost all the plot twists.

However, the blurb works.

It works darn well.

So, I’m having to weigh the pros and cons of revealing it all. Should I put up a stink and say I don’t want those certain plot twists revealed (like I told them in the blurb form) or should I go with the experts who do blurbs for a living?

I’m supposed to have my comments on the blurb back to Dreamspinner by April 1. So, I have time to ponder on it.

Right now, I’m leaning toward letting the experts do what they do best. If I still want to read the story after having the big twist revealed then I’m thinking other people will want to dive into the story too.

Like I said, it’s darn good blurb.

I’ll keep you updated.

Until tonight…


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