Civic Responsibility

It's not quite this bad, but... *lol*
It’s not quite this bad, but… *lol*

Another work week bears down upon us and I for one am not ready for it.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to get my spate of whining done right up front so that we can all move on from there with a smile.  I promise to be brief while keeping the self-pity at bay, mostly. *grins*

I’ve still got the hacked email fiasco to deal with. While I’ve blanketed out my new contact info to my address book, I need to personally write the publishing houses to inform them to the changes. Then, I need to change all my websites, author pages, RWA, RRW, etc. to reflect my new email address. This is going to take FOREVER! (Alright, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but my aggravation got the better of me for a moment and exploded into all caps. Pardon me.)

Next, there’s the little problem of my car. You remember, my new little Honda Civic who got fairly mangled (not an exaggeration, I’m afraid) by the big Ford Explorer Saturday afternoon.

Thankfully, the other driver has taken complete responsibility as has their insurance company. But I’ve still got to get the car fixed, a process I’m pretty sure is going to take a considerable amount of time, manpower and, did I mention, time? It’s frustrating but as long as nobody (including my dog) got hurt, it’s really no problem whatsoever. The aggravation, however, remains.

Whining is now over.

Thank you for your indulgence.

Now, on to writing!

I should hear about Writhe this week… déjà vu, anyone? *lol* Once I get that release date, I can maneuver everything else around the big push (at this point, probably more of a nudge, but it will be darn enthusiastic nudge! *grins*)

My author page at Dreamspinner is apparently ready to go. I just got the word this morning on that, but haven’t had time to check it out yet. When I do, expect that to be enthusiastically nudged at you as well.

Writing, the actual process of putting thought into word and onto paper, is going to be taking a backseat today, unfortunately… I feel so much better about myself when I write.

Ok, I believe I have yapped at you long enough for a Monday morning.

Have a fantastic day! And keep your Civics out of the Explorer’s way.

Until tonight…


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