Spinning in the Twilight

night scene: tree silhouette and campfire on sea backgroundThe war-torn lovers have reunited, the credits have rolled and only a few movie goers remain in the still darkened theater…

Suddenly, just when the few stragglers are sure that the show is really, truly over, a blog flashes across the screen crowing proudly…

“Chloe Stowe is here! The blogging streak lives!”

Whether rotten tomatoes are then tossed at the screen or a smattering of applause is heard, I could not tell you because I am currently lying flat on my back on the floor, having been run to the ground by a 3 ½ year old little whirlwind of a boy.

*grins the grin of the happily exhausted*

Yes, my nephew, the bestest and brightest light in my life, is to blame for the lateness of this post.

I’d apologize but I just had too much fun to ever let the word “sorry” cross these smiling lips when it comes to spending time with that wonderful boy.

Ok, enough bragging. The aunt has left the room and the writer has reappeared, if only momentarily.

I did in fact write the literary agent a heavily modified version of what I laid out for you this morning. Now, I’ve got two days to get my literary act together and make myself and my words look damned good.

That’s all.

Time to crack open the oyster and fake a pearl.


Yeah, that didn’t make any sense. I think my brain is still out spinning my nephew around in the twilight.

Better to leave the blog there, I think… out twirling in the sunset.


Until tomorrow…


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