Jiminy Cricket Can Go Eat Worms

stockvault-plant-in-pot121358Even my toes hurt.

Planting nearly 40 bedding plants into ground approximating rock has strained, sprained, bruised and throttled every freaking part on my body. Toes included. (Really. I have no idea why those ten little bits of me hurt but they do, and may I just say “Ouch?”)

This sunshine-baked torture took up the entire morning, only petering out around 1pm.

So the fact that I’ve gotten zero writing done should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Despite the toe-thing, I really did have a lot of fun, so I’m not going to apologize for it. Jiminy Cricket and all his conscientious crap can go and stick it where the sun don’t shine… at least for today… tomorrow I’ll welcome the little fellow back to my shoulder with a tolerant smile and perhaps a cookie.

I have not completely neglected my authorly duties, however.

I did, finally, write Ravenous Romance asking for an update on Writhe. (You remember, that 15th Chloe Stowe novel that I turned in back in the middle of March? Yeah. That one. *smirks*)

I was polite, pleasant and just a wee bit terse… With my luck, I probably blew that career path right out of the water. *lol*

I haven’t heard back from them yet. I’ll let you know when I do.

Until then shall we all give me a little “Hoorah!” for stepping out of my comfort (coward) zone and doing what needed to be done? A little confetti and some cow bell might be appropriate as well.

And if I’ve just flushed my career down the drain at least I will have done it with the cow bells ringing, sparkling bits of fluff in the air, fresh earth beneath my nails and my tomatillos in the ground.

*smiles bravely… while maniacally checking the work email*

Until tomorrow…


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