Beneath the Tea-Stained Skies of Yorkshire… Ravenscar (SPECIAL EDITION)

Robin Hood's Bay, England (Image from the official Robin Hood's Bay website: click picture for link)
Robin Hood’s Bay, England (Image from the official Robin Hood’s Bay website: click picture for link)

Beneath the roiling clouds in the tea-stained sky of North Yorkshire…

Down a snow-speckled alley in Montparnasse…

On a park bench in Prague in spring…

“Ravenscar” now awaits all who search there.

*coughs into her fist a bit uncomfortably*

Admittedly, “Ravenscar” also awaits all on the web this morning as it has officially been released by Dreamspinner Press, and while that is the point it lacks the bit of theatricality our short story definitely deserves in its debut to the world!

Besides, all the places mentioned above are indeed visited by our intrepid lovers, Ayers Bard and Ethan Holloway (you’ll remember him as the “John Doe” of our early February machinations).

For those of you not aware, I wrote “Ravenscar” in a mad dash of creativity over two weeks in late January and early February. The entire chaotic, hair-pulling, wonderfully satisfying, glorious event from conception to last minute edits was shared here on this blog with all of you.

“Ravenscar” is indeed our story.

Below is the official blurb for our baby, along with a link so you can see our story at play with all the big guns at Dreamspinner Press.

Accompanying the blog today is a picture of Robin Hood’s Bay, England. “Ravenscar” begins there and it is this small village in North Yorkshire that inspired the entire haunting tale.

I’ve also included a link to my “Ravenscar” board on Pinterest which has 12 pictures, most with captions pointing out specific locales in the story.

Whew! Now, I’ve just got to write 1k on Writhe’s sequel. Long day ahead.

Remember, no evening blog anymore so…

Until tomorrow…


“Ravenscar” at Dreamspinner Press:

Pinterest board for “Ravenscar”:


Ethan Holloway, an Indiana doctor, waits on the seawall of Robin Hood’s Bay, England, remembering what brought him there. While serving with the US Army four years ago, Ayers Bard, a British Intelligence officer, saved Ethan’s life after he was left for dead by insurgents. In turn, Ethan rescued Ayers when a second attack struck their position.

A fateful meeting at a bar in Paris finally connected Ethan with his mysterious soldier, and mutual attraction became a love story that spanned years… until Ethan received the call declaring his lover dead. He arrives expecting to find closure and a companion in his grief, but instead discovers unanswered questions and maybe a miracle.

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