Angering the Orchestra

stockvault-trumpet-and-music-sheet158663And so the first Wednesday in July is upon us…

*the orchestra, with instruments at the ready, looks up from their pit awaiting direction*

*the conductor shrugs, as he stares impatiently at the blogger waiting for her cue as to what musical score shall accompany this “monumental“  first-Wednesday-in-July post*

*the silent tension mounts, collective breaths are held as the world awaits…”

Ok, I do not need this kind of pressure. Let’s all just hum something pleasant while we read, shall we?

*the orchestra flees like the proverbial bats out of hell*

*the conductor stomps off, muttering something vulgar in Welsh*

Yes, well, shall we move along?

Progress on Pound (sequel to Writhe) yesterday was good. Although I didn’t get a lot of actual words written, I’ve got Book Two all put together and organized into something that actually resembles a novel, not just a mish-mash of disconnected scenes. (The Scrivener software is a HUGE help in that process…  a process I usually despise but which wasn’t so bad this go around.)

The manuscript is due two weeks from today and I’ve only got another 10k to go on it. That kind of word-to-time ratio is stupendous for me.

Unfortunately, for the first time in a couple of weeks, I got zero other work done. The Six Brothers project and my contemporary African romance simply languished on the hard drive yesterday, neglected and forlorn.

Bad author, I know. (Hum something appropriately chastising here, please. *lol*)

Today should be better and less one-sided in my attention.

I really want to finish polishing up that chapter outline for the Six Brothers project and get it to my literary agent lickety-split…


Alright, since I’ve just used the term “lickety-split,” I think it’s time we put an end to today’s post, don’t you?

Carry on with your Wednesdays, everyone.

Until tomorrow…


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