Playtime Is Over

It’s crunch time, ladies and gentlemen.

Three days to go until the deadline for Pound.

And while it is true that my dog has moved the majority of her belongings outside (i.e. away from crazy woman) in preparation for this final push, I am surprisingly right on schedule! (The fact that an exclamation point was needed at the end of that sentence tells you just how rare my “on-schedule-ness” truly is)

So, for the next three days I will be finalizing 12k words a day.

By “finalizing” I mean…

-Making sure all the pretty connective tissue is in place between scenes.

-That all said-scenes agree with what came before them.

-Final fact checking on all the true tidbits and local flavor I insist on stuffing into my novels.

-The painful and oftentimes harrowing cutting of scenes. (This is why my dog is hiding in the garden. It can get pretty bloody around here. *lol*)

-Grammatical snazzing up. (The most boring process of finalization but really critical, unfortunately.)

And there you have it.

My next three days laid out for you.

Feel free to pull up a futon and wait this out in the backyard with my dog. Just watch out for the darn cat.

Until tomorrow…


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