In Hardy Celebration of “Now”

stockvault-blue-cocktail116315“Perhaps the stars will come out for us.”  (page 75, Pound by Chloe Stowe… available today)

May we all turn our attention to my psychiatrist for just a wee bit…

Last week he told me to stop feeling guilty over the past, to stop obsessively worrying about the future and to concentrate on enjoying the now.

This, my dear friends, is some advice an author can sink their teeth into. *grins*


It’s a truly marvelous thing for a three-letter word that is more percussion than grace.


It’s a terribly fleeting, never ending moment that is always gone before you blink and always waiting for you to open your eyes.



This very second.

And this very second.

And this very second, too.

“Now” is so often put on the back burner for a “back then” or a worrisome “when.”

But not today, not now.

My 16th novel, Pound, will be released this very day.

Maybe it will do well? (I certainly hope it does fantastically well, but that is hardly a shock to anyone, I imagine.)

Maybe it will flounder around for a while and flop? (Nope, not going to happen. No way. Not a bloody chance… or so croons my fledgling confidence so new to a Chloe Stowe release day party.)

But whatever Book Two of “The Lion and the Steed” series ends up doing tomorrow, next week, next month, in the coming years, I will not think about that today.

Not now.

Now, I am going to drink in the sweetness of a release, letting the flavor of rare accomplishment linger and tickle my tongue.

Now, I am simply going to smile.

Later, in fact later today, I will be posting a Special Edition blog brimming over with blurbs, excerpts, a cover and who knows what else. I hope you will give it at least a quick look-see or pass it on to your friends, but if you don’t, no worries…

Because right now, you are here. A fact which fills my now with gratitude and startling pride.

Enjoy your now, everyone!

Until later today…


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