A Pregnant Pause

stockvault-happy-as-a-pig100402For no rhyme or reason, at least none that I can pinpoint, my writing was good yesterday.

No, I’m not saying I suddenly turned into Dickens or Hardy or someone equally grand. My writing simply came easily, enjoyably and in relative good humor.

All writers have those days, I suppose. Hours in which your fingers can’t keep up with the flow of what you’re sure is utter brilliance (and sometimes it really is brilliant, sometimes it’s freaking outstanding!).

Yes, that was yesterday.

It was marvelous.

*a pregnant pause to allow the music to darken and the houselights to dim*

But today, I’m struggling.

Finding two words that can sit amicably together without starting a fistfight is proving darn difficult.

Oh well.

Judge me not by this blog, kind folk.

Judge me alone for my brilliance.

*a pregnant pause to allow the world at large, my dog, and the ghosts of Dickens and Hardy to roll their eyes and sigh*

Ok, I’ve reached the point of hogwash.

I’m out of here.

Until tomorrow…


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