Hence the Tizzy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAPardon my tardiness, but I’ve been in a bit of a tizzy this morning.

Nothing alarming. Nobody needs to be pulling the fire alarms or alerting the medical professionals in the spiffy white coats.

I’ve just been unexpectedly busy with writing business.

Yesterday, I was informed by Ravenous Romance that they will be returning the rights of five of my novels to me. While this is all part of the publishing business, it took me a bit off guard yesterday (i.e. I panicked, ran down the hallway wailing, arms flailing like the whole world had just caught fire. Yep. It was ugly.)

After an emergency chat with my literary agent who assured me that this was in fact good news, I calmed down and got back to work. But I did put off return correspondence until this morning.

Hence the lateness of this blog.

Hence the use of the words “tizzy” and “tardiness” in the same sentence.

Hence my ending this post right here before I embarrass myself more.

Until tomorrow…



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