Everybody Blow!

stockvault-sailboat97771All creative juices dried up and blew away yesterday.

In fact, little flakes of “would be-Book Three” are still drifting through the air around me this morning.

While I would normally mourn this loss of potential literary greatness (yes, yes, delusions of grandeur for a glorified smut writer, I know *lol*), I find myself rather “blah” about the whole situation instead.


I think the reversion of rights thing I mentioned yesterday is still weighing on me a little.

It’s kind of a downer, you know?

Sucks that wind right out of my always struggling sails.

Deflates like a pissed-off porcupine in a room full of balloons…. Sorry. Told ya no creative juices flowing.

Hopefully, I’ll get my feet out of the mud today.


I might need the aid of a tow-truck though.

Until tomorrow…


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