The Herald & the Cat Call

music-images-05Feel free to sound a trumpet or two.

My creative juices are once again bubbling, spitting fire and passion like a real “smut” champ!

I knocked down the required 500 words on Book Three yesterday without a single hiccup…

The fact that I simply fleshed out scenes that were only dialogue before is neither here nor there (the easiest way to bulk up the word count in any book).

Trumpet noise is still deserved.

It is.


Alright, at least I deserve a rollicking whistle.

*a single cat call rises from the audience, along with a rude gesture that makes even this smut writer blush*

Thank you.

I think.

Anyhow, I have 7 hours of driving/riding/not-panicking-like-a-moron to do today, so I’ll leave you here.

Until tomorrow…


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