Surrender: The Crooked Mule

donkey-02With an unspeakably busy week of writing ahead of me, I plop down in front of you already pooped.

In fact, that sentence right there taxed me to the point of yanking the white flag out of my pocket and flailing it in the faces of the world-at-large.




Yeah, well, all that did was make me look stupid. Even my dog is looking at me funny and she’s used to my nonsense.

Shall we begin this again?

Good morning.

My trip back to Florida went very well yesterday, although my back is claiming otherwise. You’d think I’d ridden those 7 hours on the back of a crooked mule the way it’s aching.

(Personally, I think the stress of the upcoming three weeks of deadline-chasing writing is a major factor in its general ouchiness. But my back is convinced otherwise and is flagging donkey torture. I’ve learned not to argue with a body part… the inevitable schizophrenic talk grows tedious quickly. *smirks*)

Anyhow, October 15 is the deadline for Book Three and I’ve got about 20K to go.


In a donkey torture kind of a way.

*stuffs the white flag back into my pocket*

I think I might be needing this later.

Have a painless Monday, everyone.

I won’t.

*sighs quite pitifully*

Until tomorrow…


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