The Premature Climax

stockvault-hand-firworks104934The nuts ran a little amuck last night, so pardon the almond shavings and pistachio stains all over the floor.

(Yes, my nuttiness is multi-flavored. If I’m going to go crazy, I’m going to do it gourmet dammit. *smirks*)

But that is neither here nor there. I’m here to talk writing.

As I confessed several days ago, Book Three of “The Lion and the Steed” series is suffering from storyline arc issues.  Premature climaxing, to be exact.

After many hours of struggling with this potentially tacky situation, I’ve come to the decision to simply let it go.

No extraordinary measures will be taken.

No special forces will be deployed to delay orgasm.

The climax will be allowed to climax whenever the “writhing” and the “pounding” end and turns to explosive “quivers.”


A premature climax has just occurred right here in this blog!

The title of Book Three is, indeed… “Quiver”!

See? Sometimes a little early fulfillment is a very good thing.


Until tomorrow…


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