Out of Line… and Loving It!

stockvault-school-children-testing147127It was all rather…

*pinches bridge of nose, trying to come up with the right word*

*negates “shocking” as too extreme*

*begs off of “alarming” as too, well, alarming*

*drops head to back of couch and sighs, deciding to go with the rather boring word of…*


It was all rather surprising.

There I was, busily adding meat and manly fluff to Quiver. With two weeks left to go before the deadline, I was having no illusions of adding any extra scenes to my shockingly complete outline. I was concentrating on evening out each chapter’s word counts and focusing on issues of flow, when suddenly…

I was writing the end scene.

To most authors who are working with an ordinary operating system (i.e. a sane mind), I’m sure the big finale scene is rather thought out. Planned on, even.

Yeah, well.  Let’s just say I do things a tad differently.

In my picture-perfect outline (which I still can’t believe I’ve got), all I’ve had written to describe the final scene was…. *coughs, sputters a bit*… well, was “the final scene.”

No detail.

No grand coming together of story and men.

No intricately weaved tying together of subplots and plots.


Just “final scene.”

I always like to leave the very end to write until, well, the very end.

But not with Quiver, baby!

The end scene is now half-written, where I’m going is clear in my head and it is all rather… surprising.

Not about to kick a gift ending in the mouth, I’m running with it.


Until tomorrow…



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