Road Rash

stockvault-healing-ten-speed---blue-mens108462Not dead.

That would be me I speak of.

*a grainy tape of thunderous applause plays*

Despite the inexcusable lateness of this blog, I am still alive and kicking. You, kind folks, are simply paying for a most likely foolish attempt at bravery on my part.

Yesterday, despite my 17th novel’s deadline being Wednesday, I decided to take the Chloe show on the road. Me and the faithful pup are visiting family for a week.

*cries of “Stupid!” and “You really are nuts, lady!” erupt from the crowd*

Yeah, well, guilty as charged.

So, bottom line is I’m going to try to finish up Quiver in the company of loving family… family that will probably end up hating me by the time these 3 days of utter, sheer, ugly lunacy is over and the book is packaged off to the publishing house.

Bravery in my world is idiocy in everyone else’s.

Wish my family luck.

Lots of it.

Until tomorrow…



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