The Rage of the Bees

green-bee2My normally, gently buzzing beehive of nerves (the “gently” part thanks to a fist-load of Prozac every morning) is currently nearing the angry-mob-with-pickaxes stage.

SIDE NOTE: Bees with pickaxes are always bad.

Why has the buzzing turned to shouts of rage, you might ask?

*admits, while hiding face in hands…*

The Halloween party for my 4 yr. old nephew is today.

I’m hosting.

I’m freaking.

Occasionally I forget how screwed up the old brain-wires are.  Not today.

So, I’m using my daily blog this morning to get all my utter, bang-head-against-the-wall frustration with my stupid self out. Hopefully, I can then concentrate on giving my favorite little guy in all the universe a Halloween party he will never forget!


If the hatchet-toting bees will let me.

Until tomorrow…




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