Recovery Position

stockvault-vintage-wheel148864After a spectacular Halloween which saw 81 trick-or-treaters brave Chloe Stowe’s front door (my house has basically been a Pumpkin & Witch Joy-Land for three weeks now), I spent the first daylight hours of November at the local auto repair shop.

Thankfully, the “Check Tire Pressure… Right, Freaking Now!!” light turned out to be just a false alarm caused by the first chill of the season.


(Yeah. Big surprise here.) I don’t do such early morning escapades well.

“Check Prozac Level… NOW!” alarms were pretty much off the charts there for a bit.


So, the remainder of my Saturday will be spent in recovery mode.

Do you realize how stupid that is?


Until tomorrow…

Chloe, whose life is just plain silly sometimes


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