A Stated Quandary

stockvault-chess-player135692I need a committee.

A small group of highly trained professionals and forward thinkers whose sole purpose is to answer this single question… “Just how romance-y should I make the Six Brothers be?”

Ignoring the fact that romance-y is not a word, I think it is a reasonable question for the great minds of literature, publishing and entrepreneurial spirit to address.

As I continue to climb back into the proverbial writing saddle after my abrupt buck-off the other day, I find myself still struggling with how, well, “gooey” to make the romantic sweetness of my 100k novel-to-be?

Should I hold back some on the tried-but-true “Hello. I’m a romance novel” clichés? Or should I employ them to boost sellability (another not-real word) to publishing houses?

Is the fact that for the first time I will be having a literary agent interfacing on my behalf during the “Please, please, buy me!” stages a safety net I should count on? Or is it simply a trap, luring me into a pitfall of “I know better than the other thousands of successful romance writers already out there?”

Yep, I need a committee.

Maybe a think tank.

Applications now being accepted.

Until tomorrow…



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