The Confidence Game

stockvault-laptop-work113048I can write.

This is no longer a question, a hope, a “teetering on the brink of despair” plea to the literary muses.

It is a statement, complete with a period and an end of paragraph swipe of the return key.

*haughty stature deflates just a bit as the truth nags and nags and…*

Alright. I admit that the period at the end of the declarative sentence is a little lax in enthusiasm.

The period may in fact be a little pale and still unsure of itself.

The pounding of the return key possibly could have been an accident (but I didn’t correct it so that’s got to count for something in the confidence game, right?… Right?)

Jeez, I’m trying here folks. Give me some credit, huh?


Yesterday, after days of Not Writing, Barely Writing and “Look at me, I made a sentence!” Writing, I was actually able to slap some really good stuff down on the Six Brothers project. The kind of “really good stuff” you read back over and throw a triumphant fist into the air. Yep, I’m talking that rare vintage of the “really good stuff.”

So, I thought it quite honest of me to start this post off by stating that “I can write.”

It was a little iffy there for a while, the grammatical ground a little shaky but…

That sweet (though admittedly still shy) period is back! Yippee!!

*clears throat, regains composure, chuckles at the foolishness of it all*

Just thought I’d share.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

Until tomorrow…



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