volumeAs the title suggests, a day of ill-shaped bits and pieces…

-After a less than stellar start to the writing week (i.e. bumpy as he**), the Six Brothers is finally starting to roll. The fact that I’ve spent the entirety of the last two work days waltzing with a supporting character whom I can make as quirky as I want should be added as a disclaimer.

-A shout-out to my subconscious this morning. Last night I had a nightmare so blatantly horrible I was actually surprised by its dark ingenuity. After twenty-odd years of very, very bad dreams this is high praise indeed.

-My 4 little clumps of mondo grass in the dark little corner of my backyard are still alive and kicking. Feel free to take this analogy and run with it.

-It’s cold. I despise being cold. I think it’s a mental thing. But really, what in my life is not?

-Went to the store to buy Cinnamon. Came back with Cumin. If it wasn’t for my habit of smelling every spice before I use it, my Molasses Christmas cookies would have been “interesting” indeed. Visions of lawsuits from fellow church members danced in my head. I backed away from the mixing bowl at that point and scampered away.

Here ends today’s hodgepodge.

Until tomorrow…


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