Cowering in the Parenthetical

stockvault-danger-sign142382Got a weather situation going on here. (Insert: Flailing Arms and Disaster Gear Prep.)

Me and my pup have got Tornado Warnings scattered about northern Florida while a blanket Tornado Watch covers us until 2pm. Then, to just add to the drama, a Hard Freeze Watch is up for tomorrow night. (It’s 71 right now… yeah, not good.)

Looking on the bright side of imminent destruction and potentially life-altering mayhem, at least this weather event has given me something to blog about this morning. (Crown me “Miss Silver Lining.”)

I’m sure you were all getting bored hearing about the Six Brothers, mondo grass and my general state of nuttiness. (I mean, “Sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don’t”…. Almond Joy or Mounds, anyone? *chuckles nervously as the frantic search for batteries begins, but not before some chocolate*)

My mixed metaphor lectures on life, writing and the occasional garden drama were getting a little stale and moth-eaten. (Note the mixed metaphor here… Hey, I can do them in any weather. *winks desperately* (Can a person even “wink desperately,” I wonder?… Geez, somebody make me shut up.)

So, let’s all enjoy this break from the blogging norm and embrace the parentheses. (Have you noticed the sheer number of parentheses in this post? Apparently, I have some sort of Parenthetical Nervous Tic.)

Anyhow, I believe I have babbled incoherently enough for today. I will let you all get to your Mondays, while my furry muse and I head to the bathtub. (No basement. No storm shelter. So tub, it is… This is going to be a long, uncomfortable day.)

Until tomorrow…



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