The Ill-Fitted Glass Slipper

people-clips-02Working on the assumption that the move from the m/m genre to mainstream romance is indeed fated (as I’ve really, really got to believe or I’m about to give “panicked hysteria” a test drive), I have come to the following conclusion…

Glass slippers are sometimes a little tight around the toes.

Despite what Disney tells you, some adjustment time is needed for learning to wear glass on your feet.

For instance, in my case, there’s some pinching going on.

Nothing serious. Nothing that has me seriously contemplating shattering the dang thing against the nearest brick wall and reverting back to flip-flops. No, just a little “Ouch!” here and there.

Working within the confines of a tremendously detailed outline that has to be followed for the story to not only fit into 100k words but sparkle (i.e. The Six Brothers project), has left me feeling a bit uncomfortable. Like I need more wiggle room, a tiny more space by the little left toe.

However, I’m going to keep shoving my unwieldy feet into the glass slippers until I make it to that freaking ball.

This girl might show up limping, but Chloe Stowe is dancing, darn it.

I just wish Disney would put a warning tag on its shoes.

Until tomorrow…



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