Outlaw Toil

stockvault-water-faucet152603Well, the “I’m not working” bit from yesterday’s post finally went into effect after two hours of, well, work.

Yeah, I suck at taking a day off.

Unfortunately, my two hours of outlaw toil resulted in only a single sentence of useable writing.

A single sentence that will only be used if I choose a certain title for the Six Brothers project.

A single sentence which could very well be the opening line of the novel, if I go with that certain title…

Of course, all of this still equals a work speed of one sentence per two hours of writing.

Yeah, I apparently suck at work speed too.

Maybe today will be a breakthrough day of writing?

Maybe the romance will flow from my fingers like city water from a faucet?…

Yeah, sucking at the Monday morning pom-pom crap is another highlight of the old resume.

Until tomorrow…


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