Mad Authorian Mania

magnifying glassBelly to the ground, Sherlockian magnifying glass in hand, I am primed and ready to detect me some authorian positives from my Six Brothers writing experience so far. (SIDE NOTE:  I seriously doubt authorian is even a word, but I offer it to you as spice for today’s blog. Consider it my nod to Thanksgiving.)

Alrighty-then, let’s see what positives I’ve scrounged up from my struggles with my Revolutionary War-era, mainstream-loving pals…

1.) I’ve learned if absolutely, positively necessary I can outline a novel down to an inch of its authorian life. (Consider it cinnamon and enjoy.)

2.) I’ve learned that a 100k novel can squeeze a 50k dramatist nearly to authorian death. (I’d like a physicist to please explain the science behind this positive.)

3.) I’ve learned that a list of positives from the Six Brothers struggles is a very short list, indeed.

There. I’ve tried to be thankful on this Thanksgiving holiday week. May I now be excused from the Ungrateful Whiner table and go watch some football?

SIDE NOTE: I don’t like Thanksgiving. Can you tell? *lol* My blessings are countless, something I try very hard to appreciate every day. I get a little saucy when told to do something I’m already putting so much effort in doing every freaking day… And while I realize this makes no sense whatsoever, there it is. Consider it a slice of Mad Authorian Mania and be grateful. *smirks*

Until tomorrow…



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