Affirmation & Scandal

stockvault-antique-patriotic-thanksgiving-card150629Due to the holiday hub-bub even we hermit-like creatures endure at this time of the year, I have been unable to write these last few days. Therefore, the Six Brothers have laid dormant, resting in peace my more morbid sense of humor would claim.

This forced break from working on my 100k mainstream monstrosity has brought two things to light. One, simply a confirmation of something I already knew. The second, a scandalous idea.

My brain’s need for exhaustive writing every day has been emphasized yet again. My dreams (i.e. nightmares) tend to get very cinematic and sprawling when my mind hasn’t been run ragged the hours before. A little John Ford is fine if the dream is good, but when the dream’s bad… well, you get the picture.

The scandalous idea, I wonder if I should even mention here, is this…

I’m considering rubbing out a brother.

(One of my Six Brothers, as in my writing project, as in fiction, as in no police involvement necessary.)

The youngest of my brood is really extraneous to the plot and by eliminating him and his significant other a lot of wiggle room could be made for my brand of long-winded writing. Whether this added space would be a good idea or bad, I have no idea. I’m having to think on it (a potentially scary proposition, indeed.)

I’ll keep you updated.

Now, back to the hub-bub, everybody!

Until tomorrow…



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