Clothesline Mercy


Another day has passed with the writing gods shaking their fingers in my face and declaring haughtily, “No writing for you.”

Unfortunately, even us literary giants must yield to the foibles of these titans. And you, dear followers, must suffer the consequences of a non-writing Chloe. Sorry.

You will be glad to know that I have not contemplated the offing of another brother. Yesterday’s admission of considering knocking poor Leo off has left me with enough guilt to see me through the weekend. Even I can only handle so much.

For now the Six Brothers will indeed stay the six brothers… until the pencil returns to the hand and the writing gods once again smile down upon dear me. Hopefully, today.

Perhaps a “Leo Lives!” t-shirt might see you through the interim and might sway the poor boy’s ultimate reckoning… FYI: I take a size M. (After all, I’m rooting for the lad myself.)

Until tomorrow…



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