The Bolognese Gambit

stockvault-twin-tomatoes137811Like a good Bolognese sauce, I am letting the Six Brothers stew on the back burner, allowing the flavors to blend and bloom.

*pauses, letting the crap settle*

Ok, so that opening line was little more than imaginatively presented bull, but I believe some credit should be given for the effort.

These hectic days of happy familial obligations, when any writing beyond this blog has been impossible, are lying heavy on my mind. Coming up with some literal rationale for my lack of craft-plying is quickly becoming a necessity.

The Bolognese Sauce Excuse was today’s winner… and wasn’t it grand?

Tomorrow, I hope to return to writing. This blog will then return to something at least pretending to be useful, educational and insightful.

So, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that on this last day of backburner stewing, nothing too important will burn, scald, crisp or turn.

Until tomorrow…



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