Penning the Good Morrow

children-r12Had to reintroduce myself to the lads and lasses of Fannett Township, Pennsylvania yesterday. Not surprisingly, my Six Brothers and their honeys didn’t remember their long (1 week, people!) absent author.

After a handful of “Good Days” followed by some “Good Morrows,” I departed feeling a little better about our relations.

We’ve still got some rough spots to work through, particularly the whole “I might rub out Leo” issue, but I think some inroads have been made. I’ve promised not to make any hasty decisions as to brother-whacking and they promised a little more access to their psyches (critical for a writer to really “feel” the character, I believe.)

So, today we will see if the tenuous ceasefire will hold… If I will be welcomed back into the Fannett fold… If Leo will allow me anywhere near his strapping, young, gun-smithing self.

Wish me well on my journey back to late Colonial Pennsylvania… and prepare a ransom if Leo and the boys jump me at The Harrow & Flail Tavern.

Until tomorrow…



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