Gunsmiths & Grapes

stockvault-sweet-delicious-fruit109569With two full days of actual “Man, this is really kind of good!” writing on the Six Brothers under my belt, I am frankly concerned that asking for a third is indeed asking too much.

Pushing that concern away for the moment, I have an announcement to make…

*the canine muse at my hip, rolls her eyes; the “Not this again” clear upon her furry countenance*

*steadfastly ignores the dog in favor of the blatant grandiosity of a drumroll…*

Leo will live!

Yep, the youngest of the Brothers Six will in fact survive to provide both guns and brawn to Fannett Township throughout the Revolutionary War!

I have it on good word that the lad is glad and appreciative of the opportunity. His significant other has also sent regards via a lovely fruit basket.

So, while I munch on a lovely apple and nibble on some lovely grapes, I wish you all a lovely Thursday.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe and her miffed muse


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