The Chaser King

stockvault-drink136999To the total awe of myself and my four-legged muse, a fourth day of writing success was had yesterday on the daunting Six Brothers project.

Neither of us dare pinch the other in case this literary flow is just a figment of our very rambunctious imaginations. (The things my dog comes up with are wild, man! Really. Think a cocktail of Ludlum and Dickens with a chaser of King… Yeah, it’s a little freaky around here, sometimes.)

As I announced a few days ago, the youngest of my Six Brothers will indeed live. However, the wiggle room I’m needing to write this story truly Chloe-like (if you’ve read one of my novels, you know what I’m talking about… Think this blog, only with coherence, plot and sex) will be taken from Leo and his love interest’s subplot.

I’m hating having to cut back on the “screen time” for these two, but they both will still play crucial roles in the story. Their development as completely whole and separate entities will just be limited.

Hopefully by the time the Six Brothers is published and riding high on international Best Selling Lists (No chuckling. It could happen. Hope, like Leo, lives.) only you and I will know of this youngest brother’s struggle to exist.

Before the accolades begin to rain down upon my head, however, I have to write the darn thing. So, off to work, I go!

Until tomorrow…


transparent little


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