Color Me Plaid

stockvault-open-books143731In a move that will surely flaunt my most geeky attributes, I ordered 3 books from Amazon yesterday about American Revolution Prisoners of War.

Since I am writing a novel centered around the fallout one family faces when one of their own is captured in battle and imprisoned on the infamous “Jersey,” purchasing such resources is understandable and not entirely “geeky” on its own.


The level of excitement pumping through my veins as I await the books’ arrivals is truly geeky. Nerdy, even. Dare I say, dorky?

Oh yeah, that’s a big yeppers for all three supposedly less than sparkling attributes.

Color me plaid, boys.


I kind of like plaid.

A little geekiness never hurt anybody with half a brain cell in their head, so I can deal.

And being somewhat of a nerd is nearly a prerequisite for writing an historical novel.

The “dork” bit I could do without but I’ve been called far worse in my day.

So, here your blogger sits anxiously awaiting the mail, sporting a grin of simply ridiculous wattage… but pity me not, dear friends. I wear my plaid proudly.

Until tomorrow…


SIDE NOTE: I’m an old timer who likes her books wearing paper and ink.

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