Danger Zone

stockvault-a-smart-girl-with-glasses-reading-a-book158955Well, I’m about a quarter of the way through reading one of my much anticipated research books.

The result?

1.) A shortage of Post-It notes in the southeast United States.

2.) A plethora of ideas that has needed constant swatting down. (My Six Brothers project is already full to overflowing. Extraneous storylines, no matter how juicy, are simply not allowed.)

3.) At least five completely new novels revving their engines in my ears. (Yep. All disallowed “extraneous storylines” from above have stormed here.)

4.) Did I mention the Post-It notes thing?

It’s always dangerous to give me research to do.

I should have known better.

I can only hope Santa’s got an “in” at the Post-It notes factory.

Until tomorrow…



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