Show and Tell

stockvault-teacher129756Ok, time for a spot of hard truth…

Getting any substantial work done on the word count of my Six Brothers project from now until Christmas is nothing more than idle folly.

In other words, it ain’t happening.

While in some dark corner of my brain I had surely known this truth for the last week or so, I was hesitant to drag it out into the light until now. (Future failures are terribly ugly beasts I usually try to fight back with a stick. Hauling them out for show and tell in front of the class is something this over-achiever tries to avoid at all costs.)

Well, everybody, meet Grunewald.

Grunewald is 7 feet and 310 pounds of bald and blatant failure on my part.

He is a grumpy, bloated sort who feasts on gingerbread cookies and my voracious self-doubt.

He enjoys sneezing, self-satisfied snorting and all manner of cavorting with his close cousin Frank (my specter of imminent failure).

Grunewald is available for adoption immediately.

Please contact the nut writing this blog for further details.

Until tomorrow…



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