A Sky of Stray Fancies

stockvault-hot-air-balloons133230As the Six Brothers project idles in wait for the peak of the holiday season to steamroll past, that writing itch of mine is starting to ache.

“The need to write in this one is strong, indeed,” a Yoda-like voice confirms from the heavens.

So, I’m having to force myself at night not to pick up pen and paper to follow any stray storyline drifting by. (There are a ton of such storylines clogging up my skies. All flitting and fluttering about, trying their best to coax my always wandering eye to their flight… No wonder the doctors ply me with Prozac and pat me often on my poor little head. *chuckles wryly*)

The bottom line is this: A vacation from creating/storytelling/playing-make-believe is darn near impossible for me.

As my pseudo-Yoda would say, “The writing itch in this one is nasty, indeed.”

Until tomorrow…



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