pocket-watchAs the hours continue to scurry toward Christmas with fevered, peppermint-scented breaths, I’m doing all I can to keep up with them. Failing mostly. Just ask my Six Brothers project which continues to loiter untouched on the sidelines.

Besides my much crowed about buffing up of character insights, I’ve been terribly neglectful of my next and very mammoth novel.

A naysayer would claim I’m actively finding reasons for putting off the writing of my first full-length mainstream novel.

A naysayer would charge me with cowardice above and beyond all duty.

A naysayer would grade my writerly efforts as an “F” and pen a nasty note to my parents chiding them to “Do better with your underachieving spawn.”

Well, guess what?

That naysayer would not only be wrong, he’d be getting a crap-load of coal in his stinky little stocking.

Christmas comes first and I hope with all my heart that it always will.

Until tomorrow (Christmas Eve!!!)…



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