Author’s Tool #8: Stilts

stockvault-street-sign140591Note: I did not say a thirty foot ladder, a cherry picker or some low-flying aircraft (i.e. crop-duster).

Nope, I am talking stilts.

Albeit an acquired skill most often learned by circus clowns, it is a relatively risk-free endeavor for those with balance and protective gear.

Stilts provide just the right viewpoint for a well-meaning author dedicated to plot-sense and character management.

Whether we like it or not, successful novels are never just mush-fests with our players’ emotions. Structure is needed. And an interesting though sturdy framing is what a newbie author must, must have.

Getting lost amidst the throngs of your characters not only leads to trampling of Mother/Father Pen (that would be you, author), it also prohibits you from seeing and controlling the whole picture. The traffic flow, if you will.

However, buzzing your peeps with a crop-duster tends to sever most meaningful connections between author and characters. You’ve got to keep your hands dirty but your mind clear.

It’s a delicate balance, and one perfect for stilts.

Just remember that headgear.

Until tomorrow…



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