The Ant & the Manuscript

children-learn-08No. Unfortunately, it’s not a fairy tale.

Disney won’t be setting this one to music.

The wee little ant will not be turned into a Princess arriving in your toy aisles in time for the next holiday season.

And Mr. Cumberbatch will not be voicing the tome. (Although, that is a true pity. Benedict could do simply masterful things portraying my dark, villainous mania. I mean, that voice. Whoa.… but I humbly digress.)

The rather stark facts are nothing but these…

Chloe Stowe, the author who has taken nearly 3 weeks off from writing anything but this daily blog, is the wee little ant (getting smaller by the second, I fear).

The Six Brothers project (my mainstream diving board novel-in-the-works) plays the part of the Manuscript. Duh.

The tale goes like this…

Every day, tee-tiny ant tiptoes near monstrous Manuscript, as Tuesday, January 6 has been declared the date the two “titans” will again meet.

The ant (who never, ever takes time off from book-battling) grows meeker with every tick-tock of the idling clock.

The Manuscript (as all manuscripts tend to do) bloats grotesquely in its abandonment.

Resentment threatens on all sides.

The thunderous hoof beats of panic rumble from the darkening horizon…

And the poor little ant wets her pants. (Dramatic license taken here.)

Nope. Disney won’t be touching this with a ten foot pole.

But all calls from Mr. Cumberbatch will be gladly taken. Duh.

Until tomorrow…



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