The Toddler Progression

baby-pictures-17Prayers to France this morning.

My “travails” with my manuscript, of course, pale in light of this terror attack. But I will carry on with the rather silly details of my work simply for not knowing what else to do. Just know my heart weeps for Paris.

Returning to the Six Brothers’ project for the first time in a month went surprisingly well yesterday, although I did little more than throw the threatened spitballs at the Manuscript (200 words written, organization all around, and a general getting-to-know-you again meet and greet).

However, it was work.

It was progress.

And there will be more of it today. A doubling of the daily word count is on the board until I reach the 1K a day goal flashing (probably insensibly) in my head.

At this point, baby steps are applauded.

Toddler days are ahead.

So, somebody please cue up “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” and put “The WotWots” to bed.

Until tomorrow…



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