Keeping the Muse out of the Brambles

stockvault-road-to-the-mountains101303Alright, people, let’s do this thing!

*four-legged, furry muse rolls her eyes and rues NFL Playoff weekends*

*with a reminder to her fuzzy, low-to-the-ground mentor that it is only Friday, returns to the blog at hand…*

After stuttering a bit yesterday on my Six Brothers project (my first, massive historical mainstreamer), I’m trying to rev myself up for another day of Colonial-minding it. (Slipping into the 18th century mindset can be a bit like struggling into wet jeans.)

I found myself tangent-ing all day Thursday. (You know, wandering off onto little storyline side-roads that are excellent for character development but crap for plot-tightness… And, yes, “plot-tightness” is a technical term.)

So, please, wish me well on keeping to the highways today. My dog would much appreciate a day out of the deep wood brambles.

Until tomorrow…



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