The Writer-Widget Wars

stockvault-storefront-apartment140929Back to the writing grindstone today.

Please pardon any extraneous words or messy plot points that might fly your way. Wearing safety glasses and a snazzy leather apron is suggested in this workshop.

Of course part of the pro-author gig nowadays is keeping up a website. Fine and dandy for the tech-savvy who know what the heck a widget is. But for the rest of us, a day of dot-com upkeep is a frightful thing that exposes all sorts of insecurities.

Well, that was yesterday and will probably be a huge chunk of today as well.


But with Quiver (17th novel, baby!) being released Thursday, I’ve got to tidy up the old virtual homestead in case company comes a-calling.

Allow me to repeat: yuck.

However, I’m hoping that the call of that old grindstone will be answered sooner rather than later today. I’m all decked out in leather and goggles just for such an occasion.

Remember newbie writers… Writing nowadays is unfortunately more than telling a good story. It’s about selling that story. So keep up that storefront, no matter how yucky the job may be.

Until tomorrow…


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